Honey Bee Health Symposium
13th-15th February 2019, Rome, Italy



International Honey Bee Health Symposium will be held on February 13-15, 2019, in Rome, Italy.


IZS of Lazio e Toscana organizes an international symposium that will discuss about the health of bees, thanks to the support of Apimondia (International Federation of beekeepers’ associations) and the Italian Ministry of Health.

The congress will deal the following subjects: beekeeping good practices, the small beetle of the hive, “other” illnesses of bees and the bees and the environmental contamination. This event is addressed to beekeepers and to other professions linked to this field, like:

-Veterinary and specialist surgeons, preventative health experts, biologists, agronomists, graduated students in natural science and science of the animal productions.

The symposium will include the following activities: poster session, oral presentations, keynote speakers of international importance and practical sessions.

Symposium Info:
Date: 13th-15th February 2019
Venue: Hotel Palatino, Rome, Italy