WBA – World Beekeeping Awards
46th Apimondia – International Apicultural Congress
08-12 September 2019, Montréal, Canada



We congratulate Harşena Apiterapi Ürünleri – Halit Çelebi, which represented our country at the Apimondia 2019 Honey Contest in Montréal, Canada and won the third prize in the best honey contest in the category of the three jars of naturally crystallised (not stirred) honey. 

Apitherapy Turkey


Product & Company Info: 

Bee Product Name: Crystallised Honey (tr: Kristalize Bal)
Company Name: Harşena Apiterapi Ürünleri – Halit Çelebi
Country: Turkey
City: Amasya
Founded in: 1991
Owner: Halit Çelebi
Online Store: available
Long Distance Sales Agreement: available
Web: https://www.harsena.net